luke miles
Apr 2nd, 2019

A good bag

My friend Alex recommended the Peak Design Everyday Backpack to me. I bought it at Peak Design’s Hayes Valley store.

I don’t usually recommend products, but this bag has been my favorite purchase in a long time.

My bag, complete with cameras, chargers, laptop…

I’ve never really owned a good bag before. My work gave me a messenger bag when I started, which was nice, but it didn’t have the organizational qualities that makes bags great.

This bag holds my laptop, and has a number of pockets that make organization easier.

The killer feature is that the bag opens from the side, meaning it’s easy to get discrete items in the bag, one handed. Staying organized feels like more of a default with this bag, and less of a challenge.

It’s a privilege to be able have nice, simple things. Very grateful for this bag.