luke miles

My name is Luke and I'm a software engineer based in San Francisco.

I founded Restocks in 2013, was funded by Y Combinator in Winter 2016, and ran it until June 2018. You can reach me at I'll try my best to respond.

Sep 8th, 2019

Started sharing screenshots at

Sep 7th, 2019
  1. sometimes you’re like a planet. i don’t know how you do it. i look in awe. will never be crazy to me seeing you be so big. i mostly just love seeing how much you care. it seems lonely sometimes.
Aug 29th, 2019

Jun 15th, 2019


i don’t floss enough. i really like flossing while under the influence of cannabis. my gums are sensitive. i like the feeling of the floss weaving through my gums and teeth. it’s painful in a pleasurable way. i notice the plaque lining the edges of my teeth. i need to get it all - i feel like a completionist. it feels good to finish something.

Jun 7th, 2019

I’d like to live in a room with walls painted the gray color from Ableton Live

May 9th, 2019