luke miles

My name is Luke and I'm a software engineer based in San Francisco. You can reach me at I'll try my best to respond.

Jan 14th, 2020

I’m taking some time off to learn and work on creative projects (mostly software).

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Dec 25th, 2019

Lately, I’ve been browsing Instagram for the advertisements.

I like to think that targeted advertisements are the algorithm’s way of looking around at the piles of data that exist and telling us what we really want. In some way, one can use targeted advertisements as a form of introspection: what does who I am or what I do… say about what I want?”, or at least what do I look like I want?”.

There’s something quite surreal about many of the ads I get. I think that property comes from the fact that many of them are individuals sponsoring their own accounts rather than large corporations. In fact, I seldom get ads from companies that would have any business purchasing a billboard or a TV commercial.

Sep 8th, 2019

Started sharing screenshots at

Aug 29th, 2019

Jun 15th, 2019


i don’t floss enough. i really like flossing while under the influence of cannabis. my gums are sensitive. i like the feeling of the floss weaving through my gums and teeth. it’s painful in a pleasurable way. i notice the plaque lining the edges of my teeth. i need to get it all - i feel like a completionist. it feels good to finish something.

Jun 7th, 2019

I’d like to live in a room with walls painted the gray color from Ableton Live